Monthly Archives: June 2011

Addidici is Born!

We are pleased to announce the new name in Oracle Business Intelligence – Addidici.

Following the legal dispute with RM we have been forced to find a new home for our blog, our company, and our goods friends to find us.

It’s a company name that I was toying with when we settled on Majendi way back when OBI had not even been invented! We loved Majendi, but that company is dead now, long live Addidici.

I will also link to the Addidici Twitter account, please find us there and share your OBI experience with us, as we try to find the time to share our OBI and BI Apps experience with you.

I will share mainly OBI stuff, but will also let you know how the legal battle is going with the people who owe us the money they promised when they bought Majendi, three years ago.


New ODI Blog

I see that John Minkjan has started a new blog on ODI. Nice one John.

I look forward to reading about how Oracle are going to move from Informatica to ODI!!! Or is that when?

Lifetime Support Policy

Thanks to Bindi for a posting on the Linked In Oracle Business Intelligence group for the Lifetime Support Document


Huge Temp

I have just looked in the web server under the tmp folder, in


and found 5.0 GB of space being used!!

It basically creates a new folder every time you deploy an application. During dev and test this can get out of hand.

To clear this down I stopped the server, deleted the files, then started the server again.

No problems found.

It created another 1 GB worth of files, so will be repeating this often.

Til Next Time