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Super Busy in OBIEE World

Business Intelligence as we know it may be changing, and that very good news, because it means much more work.
Upgrades, installing new tech, new Fusion, New OTBI, new hardware, new ETL, new Bigger Data – All very good news for the eager to learn OBIEE consultant.

Keep Moving. Keep learning. Keep reading these blogs….

paperliOBIEE News is out! Edition of 24th February

Stories from M & S consulting, Rittman Mead and 3sixty Analytics

Videos such as Real Time BI with Kevin & Stewart: Ep 017

blogBlogs of the week

1. Data Guard

This post says, ” Learn how Active Data Guard will make your investment in a standby environment worthwhile via real time queries while applying the archived logs, converting the physical standby database to snapshot standby, and a host of new improvements in infrastructure.”

It focuses on:

  • Easier Creation of Standby Database
  • Active Data Guard
  • Snapshot Standby
  • Conversion from Physical to Logical Standby
  • Rolling Upgrade

and other Improvements.

2. Oracle Database 11g: The Top Features for DBAs and Developers

Arup Nanda says, “In this multipart series, learn how important new features such as Database Replay, Flashback Data Archive, Edition-based Redefinition, and SecureFiles work via simple, actionable how-to’s and sample code.”

The series focuses on:

and so much more.

3. OBIEE FusionCharts Part1 – Installation

In Part 1 of a 4 part series, Steve Yeung focuses on Installation. The post covers:

  • What does FusionCharts provide?
  • Installation
  • Test if it works

Continue to Part 2 here.

4. Collaborative BI ZigZag – BIWisdom Response

Christian Screen explores Collaborative BI, which he defines as ‘the means to communicate persisting knowledge and provide feedback within Business Intelligence systems in order to collectively make better business decisions.’

He apologises for the length of the post, as he didn’t have time to make it shorter! Well worth taking the time to read.

5. DateTime field conversion to a Date field in OBIEE

Arun Kumar says. “If you have a field in physical table which is of type DateTime, but you want to display it as only date in the report, then you this can be converted.” He then goes on to explore the two ways of doing this.

6. Hat Trick Tuesday – 3 new releases

Kris Rice blogs about the three new releases that took place on Tuesday 25th February.

7. Installing Oracle Database 11g XE and Unlocking the HR Sample Schema – A Tutorial with Screenshots

M & S Consulting advise, “When learning to develop Oracle Fusion applications, one of your first steps, if not already completed, should be to install a database for your applications to connect to.”

They go through Installing Oracle Database 11g XE and Unlocking the HR Schema.

They conclude by writing, “After completing this tutorial, you should now have a fully functional Oracle XE database with the example HR schema unlocked.”

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Ian Bristow shared OBIEE Version Now Released

 posted a video:

Kris Poria shared Oracle Planning and Budgeting Cloud Service Helps Organizations Adopt World-Class Planning with the Simplicity of the Cloud

Steve Yeung shared OBIEE FusionCharts Part1 – Installation

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Oracle Blogs tweeted SOA Community Newsletter February 2014 and Fusion Concepts: Unique ID Generation

Kenny Mayne shared Media Report | Big (Bad) Data

KPI Partners posted Improving Revenue & Satisfaction With Social Media Analytics

Rene Kuipers shared OBIEE Version Now Released

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Available for OBIEE Contracts

The last three years have been hard work. Working on a very challenging project, whilst writing the OBIEE 11g book, kept me busy to say the least.
We recently went live with a huge HR Analytics 11g implementation, which went very well and is actively used by hundreds of users on a daily basis, but it did highlighted the strengths and weaknesses of the 11g version. Oracle support were kept very busy, and the one thing I learnt was to have an active patching strategy. Although ‘patch’ is a loose term when the patch is 3Gb in size.
Anyway, it’s live and so it’s time to find the next project. So, if you have a project that needs a senior OBIEE expert, please get in touch ( I have high level security clearance and can travel any distance.

And now, this weeks blogs and tweets….

paperliOBIEE News is out! Edition of 17th February

Stories from Kent Graziano, Emerald cube and thatJeffSmith

Videos such as TDE Demo for Oracle Advanced Security (Oracle Database 12c)

rssBlogs of the week

1. Modifying the Caching Parameters for OBIEE 11g

This blog by M & S Consulting says, “The Oracle BI Presentation Services caching could be an issue with high volume and large queries.  A solution may be to limit the amount that can be cached.”

They say that one way of working around this would be to limit the caching parameters in the BI Presentation Services by modifying the instanceconfig.xml file

They then give detailed instructions of how to do this.

2. Invisible Indexes – Oracle 11g New Feature

This blog by DataWarehouse Concepts, says that before 11g, there was no option to make an index visible or invisible. We can check on an indexes visibility by checking the visibility column from the data dictionary view DBA_INDEXES.

The blog then tells us both how to create invisible indexes and also discusses why we need Invisible Indexes.

3. OBIEE Prompts – Last Year, Last Month and Custom Dates

In this post by Boris Dahav, he discusses creating specific type of prompt for periods after reading another blog post (OBIEE 11g – Advanced Prompts for Financial and Other Data such as ‘Last Year’, Last Month’ or ‘Last 6 Month’)  The first part of his blog is about fixed periods (Last Year and Last Month) and in the second part adding Custom Dates option.

4. Tips And Tricks For Installing Oracle Internet Directory

This blog by Gokhan Atil gives us 6 tips on how to do this.  Then he talks us through what to do If the configuration step fails. He says that you can find configuration logs in Oracle Inventory installation logs and posted a link to an OTN video.

5. BI Publisher 11g – Setting the Background colour on charts

Paul Cannon posts this 3 Sixty Analytics blog as he has recently been asked how to set the background of a chart in BI Publisher to a gradient colour when using the Word Template builder.  This blog goes through the whole process, step by step.

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Steve Yeung posted OBIEE FusionCharts Part1 – Installation

Kris Poria shared Oracle Delivers Enterprise Financial Planning and Budgeting in the Cloud

Utsav Agarwa asked Is there a way to centrally Align the Apply and Reset Buttons in OBI

Saandeep Raghunath shared Standard Date Dimension Build

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OracleBlogs posted What is Oracle Mobile Suite? and an Introduction to Oracle Mobile Suite

IBM Big Data tweeted Big Data, Big Questions

3sixty-analytics shared BI Publisher 11g – Setting the Background colour on charts

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It’s all about Big Data this week!

paperliOBIEE News is out.  Edition of 10th February.

Stories from Emerald Cube, obiee-oracledb.blogspot and Rittman Mead

Videos such as Storage Optimization – Reducing the Cost of your Oracle Database Estate

rssBlogs of the week

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1. Oracle BigDataLite Virtual Machine

This appliance is for testing and educational purposes only; it is unsupported and not to be used in production. Oracle BigDataLite Virtual Machine provides an integrated environment to help you get started with the Oracle Big Data platform. Download it from here.

2. How to Load Oracle Tables From Hadoop Tutorial (Part 4 – OSCH Hello World)

In this post, they walk through Alice in Wonderland’s looking glass and do a “Hello World” example for Oracle SQL Connector for HDFS.

This post was to get a toy example working with a single data file. The next post will focus on how to tune OSCH for large data sets living in HDFS and exploit Oracle Parallel query infrastructure for high performance loads.  They will also discuss the pros and cons of using OSCH versus OLH.

3. How to Load Oracle Tables From Hadoop Tutorial (Part 5 – Leveraging Parallelism in OSCH)

In the previous post, they discussed a “Hello World” example for OSCH focusing on the mechanics of getting a toy end-to-end example working. In this post, they talk about how to make it work for big data loads. The next lesson will talk about Oracle Data Pump files generated by OLH, and loaded using OSCH. It will also outline the pros and cons of using various load methods.  This will be followed up with a final tutorial lesson focusing on how to optimize OLH and OSCH for use on Oracle’s engineered systems: specifically Exadata and the BDA.

4. Sessionization with 12c SQL pattern matching is super fast

Over the past six months, Keith Laker has posted a number of articles about SQL pattern matching:

Most of these have been related to explaining the basic concepts and along with some specific use cases. In this post, he reviews some of the internal performance tests run during the development of this feature. In part 3 of the series of podcasts, he covered a number of use cases for SQL pattern matching such as: stock market analysis, tracking governance-compliance, call service quality and sessionization.

5. Oracle: Big Data for the Enterprise (A White Paper)


  • Defining Big Data
  • The Importance of Big Data
  • Building a Big Data Platform
  • Infrastructure Requirements5
  • Solution Spectrum
  • Oracle’s Big Data Solution
  • Oracle Big Data Appliance
  • Oracle Big Data Connectors
  • Oracle NoSQL Database
  • Database Analytics

Big Data videos

Oracle Health Sciences InFocus: Big Data and Analytics – Dave Watson, VP Product Strategy Oracle Health Sciences, discusses the impact of big data and analytics in healthcare.

Big Data Episode 5 — Little Data

linkedin logoThis week on LinkedIn.

Paul Anderson shared Tutorial: “Integrating OBIEE with Hyperion Smart View for Office”

Aditya P posted “OBI Apps financials implenetation using PeopleSoft Grants(Budgeting, Costing, Revenue, GL Reporting) as a data source.”

Monica Hasebi posted Oracle Financial Data Quality Management (FDM) Import Scripting – Handling Source File Blank Fields/Intersections

Stewart Bryson shared Automated RPD Builds with OBIEE

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John de Voogd shared Gartner Report: Big Data will Revolutionize Cyber Security in the Next Two Years and How Big Data Analytics Will Affect Your Company Culture

Manish Bhatt posted Big Data is for everyone, not just data geeks

Oracle Analytics tweeted Big Data Gives Us More To Argue About

Yves Mulkers posted Cartoon: Predictive Health Analytics

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Soo much OBIEE and more

paperliOBIEE News is out! Edition of 3rd February

Stories from, the OTech Magazine – Winter 2014 and videos such as ‘The Bold Data Project: The Big Data Doctor Is In’

blogBlogs of the week

1. Prepare Your OBIEE Emergency Plan

This post by Corporate Technologies says “having a good risk management plan in place is something many BI managers miss or delay, thinking an emergency is not likely to happen.” They advise to:

  • Compile a master list of your OBIEE-related passwords and keep them in a safe and reliable place
  • Back up your web catalog content on a regular basis
  • If an outage happens, be methodical
  • Try to clarify with your OBIEE administrator whether the outage is affecting other applications to see what kind of escalation needs to be done from a management prospective
Finally, keep these tips handy!!


2. Table in the physical query, but not in join criteria

Arun Kumar goes through the set up, issue and resolution. He says, “Very simple mistake, but very annoying to get it fixed, especially if you have several physical tables to troubleshoot.”

3. Geospatial Analytics in OBIEE – Part III – Role of Mapviewer

In part 3, Ajay Sreedharan says, “In my previous post on Geospatial Analytics in OBIEE, I had talked about shapefiles, and how shapefiles could be imported using Map Builder. As mentioned earlier, the shapefiles contain the positional/geographic information. Once we have loaded this geographic information in to the spatial database, we need a map/spatial engine to process this information for use in tools like Oracle BI. This is what Oracle Mapviewer is for.”

In his next blog, he will talk about how we could put to use all these (layers, background maps, etc.) in OBIEE and create map based visualizations.

4. APEX 5.0 (EA) Page Designer videos

Dimitri Gielis posts the APEX 5.0 Page Designer Overview and links to other detailed videos for the specific sections of the APEX 5.0 Page Designer on YouTube

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Saandeep Raghunath shared OBIEE Date Dimension Reference

Stewart Bryson posted Automated RPD Builds with OBIEE

Kris Poria shared Oracle Drives Business Performance with New In-Memory Applications for Oracle’s PeopleSoft

Doug Ross shared New Oracle BI Mobile App Designer quiz which can be found here.

asked “Hi Guys, I can not get sorting on pivot view date column in OBIEE Can anyone help me on this ?” Help him out here.

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Bernard Marr tweeted Amazon: Using Big Data Analytics to Read Your Mind

3 sixty analytics posted Life Changing Analytics

John De Vood shared Identifying Customer Needs with Big Data

KPI Partners shared Examining Oracle Business Intelligence Applications 11g: The Series – including Episode 1: Overview of Oracle BI Applications

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