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Easter is Sailing Time

Every year my Easter involves a major sailing competition. This year we are at the Olympic venue of Weymouth, and we are staying in one of the Olympic village houses, which are vry nice and up for sale Should I get one?
Keep up with the action here.

You heard it here first. The next Americas Cup will be in AC45’s. Cool.
Mind you not cool if they do go ahead with the Honalulu Plan, but San Diego would be nice.


OBIEE News is out! Edition of 14th March

Stories from, and

Videos such as: Regression Testing: Do your users think OBIEE is unreliable?

Blorssgs of the Week

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1. Set up https (SSL) for Weblogic and OBIEE

Daan Bakboord blogs (with the help of guest authors Menno Harzing and Rob Chou) about being confronted with the fact that in a new environment, Oracle eBS runs on https while the Oracle BI environment was still http. The steps in this blogs are followed to protect data-transport from/to OBIEE via the internet.
There are two parts described in the blog to accomplish this:

Part One – Configuration under Weblogic Console
Part Two – Configuration under OFMW Enterprise Manager

2. 3rd Party Visualizations in OBIEE – Part 2

Kevin McGinley says, “In Part 1 of this post, I wrote about why you might want to add third-party visualization capabilities for OBIEE and gave a brief explanation how to setup one approach: calling java visualization engines.  In this post, I’ll give a simple and a more advanced example of how to do this specifically in one of the engines: Flot.  In Part 3, I’ll do the same for D3″

3. Endeca – create a new data domain in Linux

Simon Parsons discusses how to do this and refers to a document entitled “Integrator Migration Guide

4. EPM Patching Woes, Trials, and Tribulations

Cameron Lackpour warns, “Don’t take infrastructure advice from me.  Ever.  That begs the question, “Why are you reading a blog post on infrastructure by yr. obdnt. srvnt.”?  Simply because tales of suffering, woe, and misadventure are always instructive and sometimes entertaining.  Read below to know that when I write this I state the truth.”

5. OBIEE – Changing the search defaults to contains and no Match Case

Boris Dahav starts this post saying, ”

This post (done on obiee describes how to change the the search default from “Starts” to “Contains” and un-check the Match Case mark (as default).This week 2 different customers requested the same: changing the search default to “Contains” with Match Case not marked.”


6. Oracle Text and Oracle Data Miner

Brendan Tierney begins by saying, “This blog post is a follow up to comment on a previous blog post and to some emails. Basically the people are asking about some messages they get when they open the Oracle Data Miner tool, that is part of SQL Developer. If you are just using the SQL and PL/SQL functions in the database then you do not have to worried about Oracle Text. You will receive no warning message. But if you use the Oracle Data Miner tool you will get a warning message.” Read on for further details.

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Raqsoft OLAP shared Tap Utmost Value of Excel

Mayuri Agrawal shared a link to BI Course YouTube videos including:

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Rick Sturm shared How Big Data Is Changing Air Travel

Marcus Borba tweeted Big data, little kids, and the parents in between shared Twitter Tuesday – Top 10 @ArchBeat Tweets – April 1-7, 2014

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OBIEE and the Big Data

This week’s OBIEE News is out! Edition of 31st March

Stories from, and

Videos such as: Crystal Reports to OBIEE conversion

blogBlogs of the week

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1. Big Data and Analytics Top Ten Trends for 2014

Daan Bakboord posts the Top Ten Trends “Big Data” & “Analytics“ for 2014 posted recently by Oracle. The original paper is here.

2. 3rd-Party Visualizations in OBIEE – Part 1

Kevin McGinley puts together in a blog the presentation he gave at the BIWA Summit. This blog is Part 1 in a 3 part blog series.

3. Oracle Business Intelligence Applications 11g : Getting familiar With Oracle’s Business Intelligence Applications Configuration Manager (BIACM) & Functional Set-Up Manager (FSM)

This blog from KPI Partners says that the following questions arise:

  1. What has to be configured in BIACM?
  2. What is FSM meant for?
  3. Where is DAC?
  4. How do I create an execution plan?
  5. What is an offering?
  6. How to monitor the load?

Read the full and detailed blog post here.

4. OBIEE11g: Creating and Developing Custom Styles, Skins & Messages (Part 2)

In the second part of the series, Andrew Fagence explains how to develop and deploy a custom style and message.  He says, “There are many more combinations to try in terms of colours, fonts, other logo’s… The possibilities of customising OBIEE 11g to your companies needs are endless!”

5. Better Data Modeling: My Top 3 Reasons why you should put Foreign Keys in your Data Warehouse

Kent Graziano says, “This question came up at the recent World Wide Data Vault Consortium. Seems there are still many folks who build a data warehouse (or data mart) that do not include FKs in the database.”

He gives his main three reasons why you should include FK constraints in your Oracle data warehouse database as:

  1. The Oracle optimizer uses the constraints to make better decisions on join paths.
  2. Your Data Modeling and BI tools can read the FKs from the data dictionary to create correct joins in the meta data of the tool (SDDM, Erwin, OBIEE, Cognos, Bus Objects can all do this).
  3. It is a good QA check on your ETL. (Yeah, I know… the ETL code is perfect and checks all that stuff, bla, bla, bla)

6. Getting started with Hybrid Essbase

Cameron Lackpour says, “How do you use Hybrid Essbase? It’s actually very simple.”

  1. Install the patches .
  2. Configure the Essbase.cfg file to use the ASODYNAMICAGGINBSO setting
  3. Tag all of the upper level members in your sparse dimensions as dynamic.
  4. Have fun, fun, fun, discovering what Hybrid can and cannot yet do

Read the full blog post for more information.

7. Major Update Releases for Oracle’s R Technologies

“March 2014 turned out to be a banner month for the team working on Oracle R Enterprise, Oracle R Distribution, and Oracle R Advanced Analytics for Hadoop.” See the Oracle R Technologies page here and watch “StubHub Creates a Safe Marketplace with Oracle Advanced Analytics”

StubHub uses Oracle Advanced Analytics to understand its customers in its online marketplace. Analysis times are much shorter, setup was fast and easy, and data scientists like the integration of R with the data warehouse.


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Rachel@NCSLondon posted Oracle Becomes ‘Kinder, Gentler,’ President Hurd Claims

Jeff Smith posted A Few Thoughts Regarding Oracle Open World 2013 from the Archives.

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Daisy Ding  posted esProc Helps Database realize Real-time Big Data Computing

Timothy J. Simkiss shared How Financial Automation Turns CPAs & Controllers Into Financial Close Superheroes

Mark Willems  posted information about the Webinar Leverage the Benefits of a Comprehensive Advanced Analytics Platform

Nithya Regina asked for help: Need Help : Fmap Image Not Shown When Printing to PDF – Fmap Function Showing White Space Instead – Image Can be Seeing in Dashboard but not in pdf —OBIEE analytics

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