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OBIEE technical stuff!

This week’s OBIEE News is out – edition of 26th May

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Videos such as: WEBI to OBIEE / BI Publisher conversion tool

and OBIEE Bulk Scheduler

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1. Fixing IE for Oracle BI and Hyperion Workspace Compatibility

Christian Screen says, “You may have noticed that with both the Hyperion Workspace production and the Oracle BI portal that is does not conform to Internet Explorer’s subtle rendering tantrums, that is incompatibility.  This post quickly takes a look at the solution that you can use either for Oracle EPM or Oracle BI to ensure that any IE browser, including when trying mobile compatibility with the Microsoft Surface, will work for your end users. If you are interested in Fixing IE for Oracle BI and Hyperion Workspace compatibility then this is a good article for you to read.”

He then goes through the problem and the solution.

2. OBIEE 11g Concepts (IV) – What are Views? Which Views are Supported?

Pravin Khadakkar asks, ‘What are Views?’  He says, “In this blog I am covering presentation capabilities (views) of OBIEE 11g.The definitions are extracted from Oracle Standard Product documentation.”

3. Designing a Future-Proof Data Solution

Ian Abramson goes through using Design Patterns for Data Warehouse modelling techniques, tells us to consider Designing with the Future in Mind and suggests ensuring that your data warehouse is designed to support the integration of multiple data sources right from the start.

He concludes:

“Ultimately the design and development of a data warehouse requires the data architect and data modeler to look to the future. They need to anticipate data requirements and to try and define that data objects and relationships as completely as possible right from the start and you can avoid the many pitfalls of a data warehouse design by designing with the end in mind while allowing the design to evolve based on business needs.”

4. The Disadvantages of SQL Computation (I)

Raqsoft BI OLAP writes, “SQL is invented primarily to provide a method to access structured data in order to transparentise the physical storage scheme, so a lot of various types of English vocabularies and syntaxes are used in SQL to reduce the difficulty in understanding and writing it. And the relational algebra as the basic theory of SQL is a complete computation system, which can compute everything in principle. In terms of this, we certainly should use SQL to satisfy various demands for data computation.”

5. Common BI Newbie Mistakes

Lyndsay Wise names some of these mistakes as: ‘Lack of scope’ and ‘Being unwilling to take the time to evaluate internal requirements against the market’ amongst others.  Her list is not an exhaustive one and she asks readers to let her know what other mistakes they’ve seen in the market.

6. What is Hadoop? – Simplified!

This article goes through:

  • Introduction to Hadoop
  • Little background of Hadoop
  • Framework of Hadoop processing
  • Where not to use Hadoop ?

and finishes by saying that in the next few articles they will explain how you can convert your simple logic to Hadoop based Map-Reduce logic. They will also take R-language specific case studies to build a solid understanding of the application of Hadoop.

7. Why are data analysts so inefficient?

This blog begins by saying, “In an attempt to produce better products, explore new markets and defeat competition, companies spend huge amounts of time and money to create data processes that empower researchers, analysts and data scientists. While these processes take many different forms, most companies still aren’t using data efficiently, and much of the time and money they spend on data is wasted. ”

Jeff Quigley then goes through:

  • Conveyance
  • Inventory
  • Waiting
  • Over-processing
  • Correction (errors)
  • OpacityHe finishes the piece by saying, “While no single framework can fully capture all the challenges associated with data efficiency, understanding these six factors will help organizations develop more productive team members and higher quality results. Over the coming weeks, we will publish a post for each of these six factors that provide detailed examples and suggestions on how to reduce their cost and impact.”

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OTNArchBeat shared Kscope 2014 Preview: Data Modeling and Chi Gung with Kent Graziano

Nilley Gomez tweeted Getting Started with Oracle Bi Mobile

Justin Townsend posted Your OBIEE Commentary and Collaboration Issues are a Thing of the Past…

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Daisy Ding posted EsProc Enables Oracle JDBC for Retrieve Data

Kent Graziano shared Better Data Modeling: #DataVault 2.0 Virtualising your Data Vault – Satellites

Gerd Aiglstorfer shared Oracle BI Bundle Patch OBIEE

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A Great Collection of OBIEE 11g Experience

OBIEE News is out! Edition of 19th May

Stories from and

Videos such as:OBIEE RPD Merge Tool

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1. Oracle BI 11g – Adding a dynamic logo and title to your dashboard page

Leigh Wilson says that is a long overdue upgrade from his 10g Dynamic Banner Post.  He says, “This post will help you take control of the look & feel. It also forms the basis for other advanced dashboarding posts in my blog. From this foundation we can explore other usability topics and really boost the user acceptance of your projects.”

2. Handy links and tools for Oracle BI Dashboarding

Leigh Wilson posts 3 Handy links and tools for Oracle BI Dashboarding.

3. OBIEE – Formatting Calculated Items in a Pivot Table

Daniel Willis says, “I have been spending a lot of time with OBIEE and Essbase lately and so my first blog in much too long is about my latest hurdle. It seems that OBIEE is full of hurdles and sneaky workarounds (and also some amazing customisation/extension opportunities using third party visualisations). Using Essbase and OBIEE together probably exponentially increases the amount of hurdles but I am still enjoying the product.”

4. Drowning in Data Lakes and Data Reservoirs

Rick van der Lans says, “First, we had the data warehouse and the data mart, now we also have the data lake, the data reservoir, and the data hub!”

5. UKOUG Tech14 Call for Papers … Better Hurry!!!

David Peake informs us that the Tech14 Call for Papers has just been extended until Tuesday, 27th May @ 10:00 am! You have the long bank holiday weekend to crank out a title and abstract and enter it!

6. OBIA 7964/ – E-Business UDA Vs DFF and OBIA Customization Best Practices – Part III (DFF)

Pravin Khadakkar says, “This series of blogs is an attempt to cover definitions of UDA/DFF, similarities, differences and OBIA best practices to deal with UDA and DFF customization.   This blog covers best practices around inclusion of DFF in reporting structures.”

7. How to Query the Shares Rising for Consecutive 5 Days with R and esProc

The objective is: through the daily transaction data, compute the shares rising for 5 consecutive days from 29 blue chips.

8. OBIEE with Microsoft Analysis Services (and Tabular) – Real Life Guide

Boris Dahav says, “If you search the net, you might find lots of posts about setting OBIEE to work with Microsoft Analysis Services as data source (here, here, here… The first one, by Suman Busireddy from KPI Partners is the most recent and very nice) . Unfortunately most of them seem to be based on small cases or personal trials of the writer. When you actually work with it, there are few additional things to be aware of. This is the main focus of this post.”

He says that next time, he will talk about specific use cases of Evaluate, to improve performance.

9. How to Use Strategic Planning and KPIs to Achieve Business Success

Steve Yeung says, “Strategic planning and KPIs are powerful tools for achieving sustainable business success. Strategic business planning is the process through which corporate executives devise a strategy to fulfill the company’s main purpose.”

He goes through:

  • Define the Vision and Core Values of the Company
  • State Your Primary Mission
  • Set Corporate and Departmental Goals
  • Do a Situation Analysis
  • Set Out Your Business Plan
  • Set up Key Performance Indicators

and concludes with: “Strategic planning provides an essential blue print for business success. It also helps to provide well defined goals and performance indicators that will be used to monitor and improve performance and promote sustainable business growth.”

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Bernard Marr shared Crime, Guns And Big Data: Will Analytics Defeat The Villains?

Robin Moffatt tweeted a BI Mobile podcast and BI Mobile Security Toolkit – How to…

Cezar Baisanu posted  How To: OBIEE leveraging 12c on-the-fly predictive queries (V309)

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Ian Bristow shared OBIA Upgrade Guide & Documentation

Merit Hansmitt asked Have you a story to tell? UK Oracle User Group is looking for speakers to share their experiences and expertise with its independent user community. The closing date for papers has now been extended.

Kent Graziano says Get thee to KScope14 in Seattle!

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There goes another OBIEE week

OBIEE News is out! Edition of 12th May

Stories from, and

Videos such as: Using SQL Pattern Matching with Big Data Lite VM

and Working with the Trace File Analyzer Collector

blogBlogs of the week

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1. Using a Proxy with BITeamwork and OBIEE

In this blog, Christian Screen says, “As part of the configuration process of leveraging a Proxy Server or HTTP Server with OBIEE, one configures the context-root paths accessible for routing to the target application server used by Oracle BI. This logic will apply when using a proxy with BITeamwork and OBIEE as the integration of the BITeamwork application is deployed to the same application server when deployed to the on-premise OBIEE solution.” Read on for more.

2. RittmanMead BI Forum 2014 – Wrap – up

Daan Bakboord summarised the three day program and named some of his favourite parts as the Masterclass on Cloudera Hadoop and a presentation on Oracle Information Management Reference Architecture.

3. Oracle BIApps

Saichand Varanasi blogs that Oracle BI Apps is available for download.  He also links to critical patches that are available.

4. Enabling the Auto-Complete Prompt Functionality in OBIEE

This blog begins by saying, “OBIEE has an auto-complete prompt feature which when enabled allows users to begin typing a selection in the prompts and OBIEE will suggest and highlight the matching prompt values.”

It then gives a code that when implemented will allow the auto-complete to be case insensitive.

5. Might I learn something from Oracle Support?

Cameron Lackpour says he might and there’s a strong possibility you might as well!

6. RittmanMead BIForum14 – my summary

Boris Dahav names some of the best bits as the Master Class on Big Data, the great/funny/interesting/too short presentation by Christian Berg, “Neo’s voyage in OBIEE and the presentation by Andrew Bond and Stewart Bryson.

7. XML/BI Publisher in Oracle EBS – Bye Bye Discoverer

Danny Byrant covers:

  • Requirements
  • Setting up the Environment
  • Creating the XML Template
  • Create Your Report

He also links to a tutorial to help get you started.

8. How to Choose KPIs to Achieve Strategic Goals

Steve Yeung says, “Choosing the right key performance indicators (KPIs) can dramatically improve the performance of an organization. KPIs are an excellent tool to achieve strategic business goals. But only carefully selected KPIs actually provide the information required for monitoring and assessing performance.”

He then goes through:

  • Define the Organization’s Strategy and Goals
  • Identify Critical Success Factors
  • Select Strategic and Operational Level KPIs
  • Allow Team Members to Take Ownership
  • Set Targets for the KPIs
  • Use a Dashboard and Balanced Scorecard to Monitor KPIs

then concludes with: “KPIs that are chosen through a well defined procedure will produce better results than KPIs chosen at random. This KPI article has outlined the steps required to select KPIs that will drive the achievement of strategic objectives. These include defining strategic goals, setting corresponding operational objectives, allowing all team members to participate in the selection process and setting definite targets for each KPI.”

9. The State of the OBIEE 11g World as of May 2014

Mark Rittman’s extensive article goes through:

  • Product Versions and Capabilities
  • Oracle BI Cloud Service (BICS)
  • Data Visualization, and the Competition from Tableau
  • Community Development of OBIEE Best Practices, Techniques, Product Add-Ons
  • Hadoop and Big Data Integration
  • Exalytics and Engineered Systems

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Daisy Ding posted Why Saying esProc is More Powerful Than SQL, Java and R on structured data computing and Complex Business Analytics?

Richard Rankin shared This Is 4K PC Gaming With Falcon Northwest’s Mach V And Triple Nvidia Titan Blacks

Praveen Kumar Sutari  asked “Instead of adding the mouse over definitions manually in the logical layer/presentation layer of the RPD, is there a way to integrate OBIEE mouse overs into a standalone database so that we can have the ability to update table with definitions in the Database which support multiple languages to house this mouseover descriptions?”

Answer him here.

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Gerd Aiglstorfer tweeted Oracle Smart View for Office and Oracle BI

KPI Partners postedWhat Is Cache?… 5 Steps to Automatically Purge Cache in Oracle BI

M&S Consulting tweeted Enabling the Auto-Complete Prompt Functionality in OBIEE

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OBIEE Forum Week, All the Hotshots in Town

OBIEE News is out! Edition of 5th May

Stories from, and

Videos such as: How Does This Code Make You Feel? – Interview with PL/SQL

and Custom Interactions: Master Detail

rssBlogs of the week

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1. Add Comments on Oracle BI Mobile

Christian Screen gives step-by-step instructions on how to add comments on Oracle BI Mobile applications such as the ones downloaded from iTunes or the Android store.

2. Rittman Mead BI Forum 2014: Day 1

Alexander Hansal updates us on the first day of the Rittman Mead BI Forum taking place in Brighton, in particularly the Big Data masterclass with Lars George from Cloudera titled “Hadoop, HBase, NoSQL and What These Mean for Oracle BI&DW Developers”

Check out the delegates tweets #biforum2014 for live updates.

3. Upcoming Events 2014

Kevin McGinley lists the upcoming events in 2014, including BI Forum and KScope.

4. OBIEE & Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services

Suman Reddy says, “Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) 11g provides multi-dimensional navigation/analysis support.  This multi-dimensional feature is supported for almost any data source including Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services (SASS).  For Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services 2008/2012, we need to make an initial configuration before getting started with OBIEE.” Read on for more.

5. Map viewer in OBIEE 11g – Part 1

Kashif M, in Part 1 of a series of blogs, goes through the steps to implement map view.

6. 12c New Optimizer Features

Randolf Geist says, “Besides the officially available information about new optimizer features in 12c it is always a good idea to have a look at the internal optimizer parameters that show what features are enabled when running with OPTIMIZER_FEATURES_ENABLE =”

7. Truth Vs Hype – Interesting Analysis of Modern Information Technology Trends

Pravin Khadakkar shares a Hype Curve and says, “This is a very interesting curve. It is subject to strict monitoring going forward to test it against time. I have been started working couple of projects on information discovery, predictive analytics for structured and non-structured data feed. It may not be a big data project in totality but I believe it is beginning on the big spectrum, I believe all big data projects would start with discovery/research to begin with.”

8. Need for Defining Reference Architecture For Big Data

Sunil S Ranka shares his latest print media article (5th in the series) for CIO magazine.

9. Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c Plugin for PostgreSQL

Gokhan Atil shows us where to download the plugin and how to set it up. He says, “I have tested the plugin for only 2 days, but I can say that it’s a great addition to EM12c. The PostgreSQL plugin of Blue Medora helps you easily monitor PostgreSQL instance, examine tables, indexes, connections and queries.”

10. What are Key Performance Indicators and Why Are They Important?

Steve Yeung goes through:

  • What are Key Performance Indicators and Why Are They Important?
  • KPI Definition
  • Characteristics of KPIs
  • Examples of KPIs
  • Choosing KPIs

and concludes with “KPIs are powerful for monitoring, assessing and improving performance in any organization. To maximize their use, business owners and managers need to fully understand their basic characteristics and choose KPIs that will help them to achieve their strategic and operational goals. In short, KPIs provide Clarity, Focus and Improvement.”

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Daisy Ding posted Parallel strategy enhances Oracle Data Import Speed

Paul Anderson shared My Oracle Support Accreditation For Business Analytics

Kashinathan K  posted Introduction to NewSQL

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Lisa Davis shared Oracle Endeca Information Discovery for Healthcare

KPI Partners tweeted What exactly is Exalytics?

Jos van Dongen posted Data Credibility: A New Dimension of Data Quality?

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Back to OBIEE 11g Land

Easter was fun and hugely successful for us on the Sailing front. Number one son was top 10 British sailor and Number One Daughter was third females, winning selection to represent Great Britain at the Europeans Championships (EUROSAF). I hope yours was as good.
Anyway, back to work and here’s all the OBIEE and Oracle stuff we have found useful this week.

OBIEE News is out! Edition of 28th April

Stories from, and

Videos such as: Performance Architects talks about key BI and Mobile trends

blogBlogs of the week

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1. Mobile Analytics – Native, Web, Hybrid

Daan Bakboord links to this presentation in his blog ‘HTML5 and the Journey to the Modern and Mobile Web‘ which he says gives some valuable background to Mobile Application Development.

2. 3rd-Party Visualizations in OBIEE – Part 3

Kevin McGinley says, “In Part 1 of this post, I wrote about why you might want to add third-party visualization capabilities for OBIEE and gave a brief explanation how to setup one approach: calling java visualization engines.  In Part 2 I walked through a detailed example of how to actually do this using a visualization engine called Flot.  In this post I will do the same thing for a visualization engine called D3.”

3. KScope14’s Sunday Database Symposium

Kris Rice blogs here about the Sunday Symposium at KScope14

4. What is Massively Parallel Processing? (MPP)

Kashinathan explains what MPP is and what it is used for. He says some of the favourite MPP databases will be discussed in future posts.

5. Several Methods for Structured Big Data Computation

This blog opens with, “All data can only have the existence value by getting involved in the computation to create value. The big data makes no exception. The computational capability on structural big data determines the range of practical applications of big data. In this article, I’d like to introduce several commonest computation methods: API, Script, SQL, and SQL-like languages.”

Read on!

6. OBIEE – Installing patch set on Windows

Boris Dahav says, “The process is very similar to the previous patchset installations. I created it for myself, mostly for comfortable copy/paste of command lines.”

He then talks us through how to do it.

7. What Your Parents Didn’t Tell You… (About OBIEE 11g Presentation Hierarchies!)

Jeremy Harms shares his presentation which covers:

* Pitfalls and bugs to avoid (and how the heck to find the “totals at the bottom” option…)
* Performance considerations
* Proper key level modeling
* How to prompt on as well as drill through (while passing context) for BI analyses with presentation hierarchies

8. OBIEE 11g Services Start-up Guide for Unix Platform

Debashis Paul gives us a step by step guide to do clean start-up and shut-down of OBIEE 11g services.

9. Oracle Data Warehouse and Big Data Magazine April Edition for Customers + Partners

Keith Laker tells us that the latest edition of our monthly data warehouse and big data magazine for Oracle customers and partners is now available! Have a look here.

10. Installing ORE – Part B

Here, Brendan Tierney writes his second part of a 2 part blog.  He says, “In reality there are 3 blog posts on installing ORE. The third and next blog post will be on a particular issue you might encounter on a Windows server and how you can over come the issue. In the previous blog post I outlined the steps needed to install ORE on the database server and on the client machine. Click here to go to this post. In this blog post I will show you how to setup a schema for ORE and how to get connected to the schema using ORE.”

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Jeremiah Johnson asks How do you stay calm?

Daisy Ding shared R VS.esProc : how to find Top 3 Salespersons Ranking by Monthly Sales Amount  and Four methods for big structured data computing and analytics: API, SQL, Script, and SQL-like languages

Gerd Aiglstorfer posted A short overview on BI success factors … and why we recommend Oracle BI 🙂

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Fusion Applications tweeted Oracle Data Integrator (ODI) Usage in Fusion Applications (FA)

IBM Big Data posted Big data can be a big help to city

Daan Bakboord shared some videos:

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