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I am planning on heading over to Kscope 15 next year.  Are you?


1. BUCKET_WIDTH: Calculating the size of the bucket

Brendan Tierney writes that he had a query about one of the functions BUCKET_WIDTH. The question was wondering if it was possible to get the width of the bucket in each case. There does not seem to be a build in feature to get this value, so we have to calculate this ourselves. He gives an example of how to calculate this.

2. OBIEE – Fines and Payments (or Orders and Order Lines) with correct totals

Boris Dahav says, “The problem is a “popular” one. You have 2 facts with different levels of aggregation. It’s often Orders fact and Order Lines fact (where there are Order Total in the Orders fact and Lines values in Lines Fact that might not the same due to shipping or general discount). In my case this is Fines fact and Payments fact. In this case they sums often don’t match since they might be only partial payment of the fine.”

3. Capturing Environment Variables in Oracle APEX

The post focuses on the Environmental Variables as they are vital in coding conditional statements , says Vishal Pathak.

4. Oracle BI Mobile App

Gerd lists the changes and new features as:

  • Support for action links, including action link navigation history
  • Support for dashboard sections
  • Support for Briefing Books
  • Add to Favorites now at the dashboard-page level
  • Location support on maps in dashboards
  • Bug fixes

5. Stupid Programming Trick No. 18 — Modifying the Period dimension in Planning

Cameron Lackpour says, “What you will see is how to manipulate custom periods in a Planning Period dimension to get quarter totals.  I will also show how custom Period members outside of YearTotal.”

Read on!

6. How to report on two datasets across different database in OBIEE

Bojie talks about the feature in OBIEE that allows cross db reporting.  He talks us clearly through how to do it, complete with screenshots.

7. ODI Agents

Ram Reddy links to Oracle Data Integrator 12c – Creating a Standalone Agent and Oracle Data Integrator 12c – Creating a Collocated Agent

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OraNa info tweeted 10 tips for getting started with MAF

Bernard Marr shared The 25 KPIs every manager must know

Doug Correa posted #Kscope14 Video: Ron Dimon

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Kevin Hsu posted Keeping big data small 

Gerd Aiglstorfer shared Oracle BI Coaching

Daisy Ding linked to An Illustration of Processing Big Text Files with esProc Cursor

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OBIEE News – Edition of 28th July

Stories from and

Videos such as

Foiling camp finale: “Everyone has a smile on their face”

and What Does Real-World Performance Mean?

Phew, is it just me or is OBIEE HOT?

12c, more like 30C.


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1. OTN The World’s Biggest Oracle Community

Debra posted a link to this infographic

2. Table to Table Mapping in ODI 12C

Praveen told us how to create Table to Table mapping in ODI 12C

3. String Aggregation in OBIEE

Vishal says, “In the BI world, we talk about measures and aggregation, but we don’t talk about string aggregation.”

He says the question is How do we do it?

4. Copy & Paste Imports from Excel to Oracle using SQL Developer

Jeff Smith says, “Oh, I so DO love hearing about things that ‘we cannot do.’ This morning I read that in an article that Oracle doesn’t allow you to copy data from Excel and paste directly to a table.”

Read the post and the discussion that results from this post here.

5. Oracle 12c Release 1 is here!

Get it here!

Also, get more detail about In Memory Database

6. Enhanced Planning Validations: Part 1

Cameron recruited Tyler Feddersen of Performance Architects to write about this really clever technique to enhance validations in Hyperion Planning. He concludes, saying, “And there you have it – a really clever way to handle validations in Planning using the functionality built into the tool.  Thanks again Tyler for sharing this.”

7. OBIEE Sum of Average

Gerd’s latest blog post also includes a link to his Oracle BI expert class.

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Gerd Aiglstorfer shared OBIEE Sum of Average

Nicola Sandoli posted Oracle BI Metadata dictionary

Eduardo Arroyo shared Analytics means business

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3 Sixty Analytics shared 6 Tips for Using Big Data to Hunt Cyberthreats

Wes Fang posted ADF Directed Acyclic Graphs

Daan Bakboord tweeted Oracle Endeca Information Discovery Learning Library

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This week’s OBIEE News – Edition of 21st July 

Stories from and

Videos such as:

Fly boys

and Register for Oracle OpenWorld 2014

Are you good at OBIEE Dashboard Building?

The art of writing superb analyses and building popular interactive dashboards is not something that we see much of in the OBIEE blogsphere.  Sure we have to build fast databases, and configure the servers, but what the customer sees is the dashboard.

I will look a bit harder this week for front end tips, so please get yours published on the groups, blogs and tweets.

I am actually trying to hire a couple of dedicated dashboard developers, so please take a look at the jobs page to see if you are what I am looking for.

rssBlogs of the week

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1. How to update report and automatically store updated by and updated time through writeback in OBIEE

Bojie says, “Today I am going to talk about writeback in OBIEE. As you know, writeback is a feature in OBIEE that allows users to update reports that they see in OBIEE without having to deal with the ETL process and reloading table.”

Read more here.

2. Installation check “diskspace” failed…..

John Booth says, “We’re working with a client on an upgrade where Essbase and Essbase Studio are on a Red Hat 5.6 Linux box.”

He then goes through a diskspace error and the solution!

3. Oracle EPM – What’s Coming – The Rumor Mill

Eric Helmer goes through the rumours for:

  • The Big Bullet Points for
  • HFM
  • Financial Reports
  • Disclosure Management
  • OFMA
  • Planning
  • HPCM
  • Oracle Cloud
  • Data Relationship Management
  • Essbase

4. Calculation Manager, BSO Planning, and ASO Planning combine for an awesome ASO Essbase procedural calculation hack — Part 1

Cameron Lackpour introduces the first part of a three part blog post on how to achieve awesomeness in ASO Planning and beyond.  In Part 1 he gives an introduction to the CDFs you most likely don’t know about.

To come are:

Part 2 – The genius of Joe Watkins

Part 3 – Tying it all together across three different Oracle EPM products with of course a glorious hack.

Keep reading!

5. How to unlock the locked table in Oracle

Kashinathan talks us through how to unlock it!

6. OBIEE Substitute a Filter Variable

Gerd says, “In ISO calendar the week turns on Mondays. When not reporting on real-time data and having a one day load frequency you will see no results each Monday. So it would be best to see previous week data on Mondays and of course having not change the filter criteria in the report.”

He then talks us through how to do this.

7. OBIEE BUNDLE PATCH AKA (?) is available

The patch is available for:

  • HP-UX Itanium
  • IBM AIX on POWER Systems (64-bit)
  • Linux x86
  • Linux x86-64
  • MS Windows (32-bit)
  • MS Windows (64-bit)
  • Oracle Solaris on SPARC (64-bit)
  • Oracle Solaris on x86-64 (64-bit)

8. Sorting Control on Grand Total in Pivot Table – OBIEE 11g

Praveen says, “Unfortunately, OBIEE doesn’t have a sort Control on the Grand Total and, creating a column with a total doesn’t get me what I have required. It has ends up being another metric in the pivot.”

For that we need add another metric name which Praveen shows us how to achieve.

9. OBIA Pre-requisites, System Configuration, Performance improvements (Server Side & Development Side), Query Performance Tuning, Maximum connections

This blog goes through the:

  • OBIA Pre-requisites
  • System Configuration
  • Performance improvements (Server Side)
  • BI APPS Performance Tuning (Development Side)
  • Query Performance Tuning
  • Maximum connections

10. OBIEE Port conflict

Anjum Ara blogs about Error message : INST-08010: Error in validing the port range for auto port allocation. At Least 2 ports should be free within the range 7500-7500 for the Adminserver and Adminserver SSL

He goes through the reason and the solution

11. Five Reasons to Attend Oracle OpenWorld (Part Two)

In part two of this post, Meghan Fritz gives the final two reasons to attend!! They are:

Reason #2: Get a vision of Oracle’s future. Hear all about Oracle’s roadmap straight from the source.

Reason #1: Fill in the blanks… fast. Expand your knowledge and get the answers you want and need. All in just five days. 

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Abhinav Agarwal shared ORACLE BIG DATA APPLIANCE X4-2 tweeted Oracle Big Data SQL – Bringing Structured Queries to an Unstructured World

Bernard Marr posted Facebook And Big Data (No, Big Brother?)

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Daisy Ding shared How to Process Text Files in the Data Analytics

Ian Bristow posted OBIEE Version

Jordi Gonzalez shared Oracle In-Memory Higlights including “Oracle Database In-Memory: Powering the Real-Time Enterprise”

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This week’s OBIEE News – Edition of 14th July

Stories from and

Videos such as:

The Oracle WebCenter Content User Interface

and Larry Ellison: “throw a switch and everything runs faster”


OBIEE Jobs Market Powers Ahead


The OBIEE jobs market seems to have heated up again, if my missed calls list is anything to go by!

Check out the 522 jobs on

This week’s OBIEE News – Edition of 7th July

Stories from and

Videos such as:

Real Time BI with Kevin & Stewart: Unnecessarily Censored


Blogs of the week

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1. Introducing Checkmate – True Development Lifecycle For OBIEE

Kevin and Stewart discuss how the development lifecycle is hard in OBIEE. This rarely surfaces in the first implementation, but frustratingly creeps-in over time.  However, this blog posts introduces a solution – Checkmate! Read the blog post for full details.

2. Lookup in ODI 11g

This post goes through the two steps:

Step 1: Creating target table

Step 2: Creating INTERFACE

3. Planning – setting the cell retrieval threshold and interesting hack

John Goodwin begins by saying: “If you have been working with planning then no doubt you have experienced the web application JVM crashing at some point which can be caused by a number of different factors.”

Read his extensive blog on this here.

4. OBIEE Patch now available

Paul Cannon informs us, “Oracle have just released the next patch set for OBIEE allowing any installation to be upgraded to version” He says there are no new features in this patch – it’s just a bug fix patch and the list of bugs fixed is rather long !!

5. The Efficient Analyst (part four): The over-processing epidemic

In Part four, Jeff Quigley states that over processing can take different forms including:

  • Intermediate files or sheets are created to “stage” data.
  • Multiple human beings need to touch or analyze the data
  • Legacy spreadsheets that are complicated and intertwined

He then goes on to advise us to ‘Streamline our Workflow’. 

6. OBIEE – Comparing performance to peers

Boris Dahav was asked about an analysis where he compares the list of top 10 products of a company with the top 10 off all the others. This blog posts describes the solution and in the next post he will give some ideas of how this could be done better.

7. Five Reasons to Attend Oracle OpenWorld

It gives us some good reasons to attend Oracle OpenWorld including:

Reason #5: Leave your heart. Because you WILL leave your heart in one of the world’s top tourist destinations.

Reason #4: Test-drive the latest. You’ll have the chance to demo the latest technology and experience all of Oracle’s innovations in one place.

Reason #3: Shake hands with your worldwide community. With countless networking opportunities, you’ll get to share thoughts and hear success stories…. all in person

But we have to read the next blog for the top 2 reasons!!

8. 3 More Oracle SQL Developer Bloggers

Jeff Smith gives us the names of 3 more developers who blog: Kris Rice, Barry McGillin and Vadim Tropashko.

Check them out!

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Kashinathan K posted  Splunk Overview for Operational Intelligence and Log Management

Daisy Ding shared The Case to Illustrate Parallel Computing of Big Text File

Jagadeesha R shared a problem he was having when exporting to Excel.  Help him out here.

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ODTUG shared Danny Byrant’s lookback at KScope14

Gerd Aiglstorfer tweeted OBIEE Variable LOGLEVEL and Report Based Logging

KPI Partners asked Why Integrate OBIEE, Essbase, and Hyperion?

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Kscope 14 Special

This week’s OBIEE News – Edition of 30th June

Stories from: and videos such as:

KScope 2014 Preview: Stewart Bryson on OBIEE, ODI


Blogs of the week

They went, they heard, they blogged about it:

1. KScope14 (Sunday) – APEX Symposium – before noon

Dimitri Gielis blogs about the APEX symposium on the Sunday of Kscope.

2. Red Pill Analytics at Kscope ‘14: Symposiums, Sessions, Panels, Deep-Dives, Oh My!

Kevin McGinley and Stewart Bryson run through the Kscope plans for this year.

3. Cameron Lackpour shares photo and news from each day of Kscope 14.

Kscope14 Day 0  

Kscope14 Day 1

Kscope14 Day 2

Kscope14 Day 3

Kscope14 Days 4 and 5

4. Falling in Seattle aka “Dusting off this blog thing”

John Booth talks about his 3 hours in hospital after falling off a Seattle sidewalk, BI on the Cloud, Oracle Data Integrator and Infrastructure Deep Dive!

5. Vlamis Repeating ODTUG KScope Presentations

Vlamis repeated their Kscope presentations as Webcasts so people could share them with their colleagues.

And in other blogs this week…

1. Importing Data from SQL databases into Hadoop with Sqoop and Oracle Data Integrator (ODI)

Benjamin Perez-Goytia goes through:

  • Importing Data from SQL databases into Hadoop with Sqoop and Oracle Data Integrator (ODI)
  • ODI 12.1.3 Application Adapters for Hadoop
  • About the Knowledge Modules in this Article
  • IKM SQL to HDFS File (Sqoop)
  • IKM SQL to HDFS Hive (Sqoop)
  • Knowledge Modules Tasks
  • Knowledge Modules Options
  • Benefits of Using Sqoop with Oracle Data Integrator (ODI)

and much more in this extensive blog post.

2. Introducing Checkmate: True Development Lifecycle For OBIEE

Red Pill Analytics introduce Checkmate, True Development Lifecycle For OBIEE in this blog post.

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Kevin McGinley shared Real time BI live from Kscope

Debra Lilley posted KSCOPE14 – Awesome, Selfies, Brambles & The Cure for Low Technology

Kent Graziano shared Kscope14: A lookback


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This week on LinkedIn

Monica Hasebi posted Kscope 14 highlights video


Gerd Aiglstorfer posted OBIEE Fine Colouring

Daisy Ding shared How to import Excel Data into Access database for more efficient statistical analytics