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OBIEE News of the Week.

oracle team logoOracle Racing News

The Wind Gods – Official trailer. Watch it here.

BUILT FOR SPEED exhibit opens May 10th at the California Academy of Sciences 


Installation of the Oracle Team USAs AC45


OBIEE News is out! Edition of 6th May

twitter logoThis week on Twitter

Oracle Blogs tweeted links to How to solve “Failed to locate the Google Cloud Messaging” in ADF Mobile deployment and OBIEE Patch released

Robin Moffat shared “Getting Started with Oracle Endeca Information Discovery 3.0

KPI Partners tweeted a link to a Webinar to take place May 15th. The Webinar is entitled “Migrating Oracle Financial Statement Generator (FSG) Reports to Oracle BI Applications”.

Debra Lilley shared a video “A simplified UI for Fusion – interview with Jeremy Ashley

linkedin logoThis week on LinkedIn

Kris Poria posted an Oracle Press Release entitled “Land O’ Lakes Improves its Data Analysis and Sales with Oracle Endeca Information Discovery, Wins Gartner BI and Analytics Excellence Award.”

Kent Graziano shared “Another First at ODTUG’s #Kscope13” – a blog from Oracle Data Warrior.

Brandon Quaries asked “Is Discoverer Dead? What about OBIEE?

Ana Filipa Metelo shared a blog from Link Consulting BI Team.

Shiva Molabanti asked How to reset forgotten OBIEE 11g RPD passwords?

Eduardo Arroyo shared “Oracle Data Integrator Outline and more.”

Sujith G posted Variable Creation in 11g.

Italia Nowodworska posted BIApps ready for download and OBIEE Bundle Patch released

Carlota Vina Sirgo asked a question about OBIEE.  Read it here.

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Read this week’s OBIEE news…

oracle team logoOracle Racing News

ORACLE TEAM USA launches second AC72

ORACLE TEAM USA AC72 Boat 2 – All Signals Go – view the Youtube video here.

On the final day of racing at the America’s Cup World Series in Naples, Italy, ORACLE TEAM USA won the match race championship. Skipper Tom Slingsby and crew also finished second in the fleet racing, giving ORACLE TEAM USA a second consecutive ACWS second championship. Watch it here.


OBIEE News is out! Edition of 29th April.

twitter logoThis week on Twitter

Oracle Analytics posted a link to “OBIEE and SmartView integration – A Great Oracle BI / MS-Office Add-in” – a blog by KPI Partners.

Paul Mitchell tweeted a link to “Locating Certification Information for OBIEE

Oracle Blogs shared ADF mobile training on demand.

ORCL Partner Network linked to a video about how turbo-charged their HR department.

linkedin logoThis week on LinkedIn

Kris Poria shared an Oracle Press Release “Latvenergo AS Enhances Customer Service with Oracle to Meet Challenges of Deregulated Energy Market

Raqsoft OLAP asked “Which will you choose among desktop, browser or client platform for data analysis and visualization?”

Shiva Maolabanti suggested we Upgrade Old nested folders using the Convert Presentation Folders Utility in OBIEE RPD

Soumu C shared OBIEE Online training – End to End OBIEE 

Ian Bristow posted a YouTube video “How to Find Information if OBIEE 11g is Certified and Supported.”

Sujith G wrote a post called Variable Creation in 11g

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OBIEE news this week…

oracle team logoOracle Racing News

Tom Slingsby takes the helm for ORACLE TEAM USA in Naples. View the video here.

ORACLE TEAM USA SLINGSBY captured the match racing title in Naples, Italy, and second in the final fleet race, earning the team the overall America’s Cup World Series 2012-2013 season championship.

US Ambassador Aboard for Impressive Day with ORACLE TEAM USA – watch a youtube video.



OBIEE News is out! Edition of 22nd April.

twitter logoThis week on Twitter

Andrejus Baranovskis tweeted a link to his blog “Oracle BPM 11g Mobile Worklist with ADF Mobile.”

Yves Mulkers posted “Endeca text enrichment. Entities extraction, sentiment analysis, and text tagging with Lexalytics customer defined lists. I love this one!” from Business Intelligence Quotient.

Fusion Applications shared a blog entitled Tailoring Fusion Applications in the Cloud Explained from the Fusion Applications Developer Relations Blog.

Oracle Blogs encouraged us to Get Proactive with Fusion Middleware!

Alexander Hansal shared an old but useful blog from Clear Peaks entitled “OBIEE Metadata Dictionary in 11g.”

KPI Partners tweeted about their Webinar and posted about Complex Row Level Security in Oracle BI (OBIEE)

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linkedin logoThis week on LinkedIn

Ashish Raj posted A Case Study : Oracle Report to BI Publisher Conversion and OBIEE New UI Features

Paul Kavanagh shared a Broventure Webinar: Maximise your investment in Hyperion with Brovanture’s Applications Specific Support.

Shiva Molabanti shared several blog posts, including  “Change the OBI Repository Password from the Command Line” from his own blog An Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition weblog

Kent Graziano said Get thee to KScope13!

Euan Morton asked Approximately how long should OBIU 2.3.2 base Extract EXTFIN take to extract 50M records? Answer his question here.

Jeff McQuigg announced his upcoming KPI Partners Webinar on Performance Tuning the BI Apps with a Performance Layer. More details can be found here.




Oracle JDeveloper and Oracle ADF Release and other news…

Oracle Racing News

Launching the AC45 in Naples for the distance regatta.

How Oracle’s $8M Yacht Takes On the Strongest Winds – watch the video here.

Oracle J Developer and Oracle ADF Release.

The new Oracle JDeveloper & Oracle ADF includes fixes as well as several new features:

  • Simpler look and feel with the Skyros Skin
  • Visualization components including Treemap, Sunburst, and Timeline
  • List View
  • PanelGridLayout
  • Code Editor

Download it here.


image_flag001OBIEE Paper is out! Edition of 15th April.


twitter logoThis week on Twitter

Fusion Applications posted a link to “Oracle’s Mark Hurd talks Fusion Applications, customer satisfaction and SAP’s HANA.”

Oracle Analytics shared their Oracle Endeca Information Discovery Page.  Have a look at it here for plenty of resources. They also tweeted a link to a Customer and Partner Search – “Smilde Foods Improves Financial Administration and Logistics with Enterprise Resource Planning”

Oracle Blogs shared a blog from BI and Analytics Pulse by Sophia Tseng –  “What’s new in Oracle Endeca Information Discovery 3.0”

Profit Online tweeted a link to an ‘Opinion’ – by Maneesh Chhabra  “The Future of Financial Management.”

Andrejus Baranovski shared his latest blog post “BPM 11g R1 Worklist Integration (Hacking Experiment) Into Non-SOA ADF 11g R2 Domain.”

KPI Partners imparted information about a Webinar to take place on May 15th titled Migrating Oracle Financial Statement Generator (FSG) Reports To Oracle BI Applications.” They also shared a blog post called “Converting Hyperion Interactive Reporting (Brio) to OBIEE.”

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linkedin logoThis week on LinkedIn

Elizabeth Spencer shared a link to Overview of Endeca, a Webinar to take place on Thursday April 18th.

Kiran Kumar posted training information.

Ashish Raj posted a blog from Adiva Consulting entitled “OBIEE New UI Features”

Kris Poria shared an Oracle Press Release: “New Additions to the Oracle Big Data Appliance Product Family Help Customers Jumpstart Initial Big Data Projects and Scale More Cost-Effectively”

Raqsoft OLAP posted a link to “The Spreadsheet is Still the King of the Business Intelligence World.”

Takin Babael shared a Youtube video – “What’s New in Oracle Business Analytics”

Eduardo Arroyo posted The Top Ten BI Vendors Reviewed White Paper.

Euan Morton posted OWB/OBIU base discrepancies.

Sujith G asked:

We have 3 Dashboards: A, B,C. B & C are copies of A.  When we run the B & C Dashboards, they are hitting Dashboard A. How to change the paths of B & C to avoid that?

View the resulting discussion here.

View the group statistics here and join the LinkedIn group.


A week of OBIEE


oracle team logoOracle Racing News

Tickets on sale from April 3rd 2013!

America’s Cup World Series brings top teams to Naples for season decider.

Out of all the sailors who would win a karaoke contest?! Watch the youtube video here.


image_flag001OBIEE Paper is out! Edition of 8th April.


linkedin logoIn the LinkedIn group this week:

Michel Miotto Barbosa posted New Features in Oracle Enterprise Repository 11g Release 1 (, an Oracle white paper titled “Oracle Data Integrator 11g New Features Overview” and Business Intelligence Documentation for Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g

Paul Kavanagh posted How Brovanture implemented Oracle EPM software at Channel 4 and information about a Webinar titled “Maximise your investment in Hyperion with Brovanture’s Applications Specific Support” from the UK OCN website.

Michel also posted a LinkedIn poll “My doubts about the scope of the strategy of Big Data and Third Industrial Revolution”.

Euan Morton posted:

We are encountering a problem because of discrepancies between the OWB metadata and OBIU DB tables created during installation. This manifests when deploying base objects, such as CF_FO, from OWB, version 10g, to OBIU, version 2.3.2, the error we get is DIMENSION KEY invalid identifier.

See the post here.

Ashish Raj posted “OBIEE Released. What’s new in the Box?” – a blog post from Adiva Consullting.

Nishit Gajjar posted “Preview OBIEE on YouTube

twitter logoOn Twitter this week:

Oracle Team USA posted AC72 flying through the San Francisco fog!

Oracle Blogs posted Oracle Fusion Middleware 11g R1 by Raghavendra Rao, ADF mobile – integrating with device features and OWSM Mobile agent for ADF mobile.

Chris Muir posted a link to ‘Learning Oracle’s ADF – the top ten videos to get you started.

Peak Indicators posted a link to New Features with OBIEE

Collaborative BI

Finally, the BI Teamwork Collaborative BI Tool has arrived! Watch a video demo!

This tool allows users to:

  • add dashboard comments
  • create tables
  • create pivotal table cell annotations
  • manage functionality by setting privileges and constraints

The community version can be downloaded for free here.  Installation takes under five minutes.

BI Teamwork is a seamless extension of the Oracle BI framework and is the first plug-in for Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition.  It adds accountability, collective means for decision making and alerting and maintenance features. The current release (BITeamwork 1.8) supports several language, including German and French.

Read the Art of BI blog post “BITeamwork 1.8 (Nobel Release) – It’s Dynamite” for more details.


Another week of OBIEE

Oracle Racing News

Fun on Foils – Hear from the ORACLE TEAM USA crew what it’s like to fly their AC72 “17” on foils, sometimes at speeds of over 40 knots, and experience the sensational acceleration from onboard. Watch the Youtube video here.

Happy birthday to sailor Darren Bundock – the best present ever – helming a AC72!





OBIEE News is out! Edition of 25th March 2013


linkedin logoIn the LinkedIn group this week:

Kavitha Shanmugam asked

‘Error failed to find div obj by name (invisible layer-1)’

“I tried to develop some dashboards in OBIEE 10G.
Upon selecting any text or link option, am being thrown this error.
I couldn’t click either OK or cancel, since both these throw the above said error.
can someone help me in this regard?”
Richard Rankin replied “Can you provide more information? Is this the complete error verbatim? Are you using any tools? If so which ones and their versions? Are you using HTML5 or Flash?”

See the post here.

Jeremiah Johnson posted a link to “Who has time for data?” regarding the Webinar:  “Extend Oracle BI To Support Real -Time Analytics” which is to take place April 3rd.

Secured Oracle HTTP Server – Configuring SSL, a blog from Clear Peaks was posted.  Read it here

Kashinathan K posted “What are dimension and fact?” – A post from The DataWarehousing Concepts blog.

Kris Poria posted ‘Oracle Introduces New Release of Oracle’s Primavera P6 Analytics’ – An Oracle Press Release.

Kent G posted How EHR adoption is hindering healthcare big data analytics – a post from EHR Intelligence.

twitter logoOn Twitter this week:

Oracle Blogs posted Fusion Security (Part 1: Overview), ADF Mobile and SDO: making the connection, ADF Mobile: Integrating SMS and ADF Mobile: Integrating the Camera

Oracle for Partners posted a link to ‘Fusion Middleware Performance Problems? Take Advantage of DMS by Daniel Mortimer’

Paul Mitchell posted a link to OBIEE Patch Set is Released

My Oracle Support posted ‘Get information on certified devices and operating systems for OBIEE Mobile from the OBIEE 11g certification matrix.’

This week in OBIEE

The LinkedIn group is continuing to grow both in number and activity and valuable content is being shared amongst its members.  I thought it would be helpful to begin to share some of the week’s activities from both Twitter and the LinkedIn Oracle Business Intelligence group here.

The LinkedIn group statistics can be viewed here.

linkedin logoOn LinkedIn this week:

Ian Bristow posted detailed information regarding The Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition patch set release

Jeremiah Johnson shared The Crazy World of Human Resource Analytics from the KPI Partner’s blog.

Kent G shared How to use Information to build a Data Vault from the Oracle Data Warrior blog.

Monica H shared Enterprise Performance Management from the Mindstream Analytics blog.

Twan P shared a Mobile Business Intelligence Study

Ashish Raj shared  In a RTF Template how to display measures as rows in a table from Adiva Consulting.

Kris Poria shared Yarra Valley Water Uses Oracle Engineered Systems for Mission Critical Business Applications To Help Improve Business Performance from The Oracle Press Room

twitter logoOn Twitter this week:

Oracle Blogs shared CR Mantra CPQ On Demand is now a certified Oracle Sales Cloud (Fusion CRM) add on by Richard Lefebvre including a Youtube video and OBIEE Bundle patch released and Another Dynamic form in ADF

Oracle BI Technology shared Starbucks Coffee Company Delivers Daily, Actionable Information to Store Managers, Improves Business Insight with High Performance Data Warehouse.

Andrejus Baranovskis shared Optimizing Long Running ADF Operations with Parallel WebLogic Time Manager Execution from his own blog.

Oracle Team USA

In Oracle Team USA News, ORACLE TEAM USA took the AC72 out on San Francisco Bay on Wednesday 13th March to train for the America’s Cup Finals this summer.

Rome Kirkby was interviewed on Youtube.

Ben Ainslie is knighted. See the video here



My Oracle Links

Just a Handy list of links so I can remember where everything is!

I will keep adding to this as I find more.


Execution Plans

Favorite ADF Bloggers and Links

Oracle OBIEE Blogs

Where do I read the good stuff?

Name Link Summary Authors
The Art of BI Posted by BI/EPM thought-leaders and masterminds. Passionate about BI and EPM technologies, the processes they enhance and the insight they provide. Christian Screen
Achieving Great BI with Oracle BI 95 followers.  Links to presentations and other useful materials. Jeff McQuigg
Peak Indicators List of articles with number of hits beside – ranging from 163 to 14,687. Antony Heljula
KPI Partners News and Blog Text/video/screenshots. Clear to read and easy to share on social media. KPI Partners News Team – Jeremiah Johnson
Clear Peaks Blog The latest information on Business Intelligence and best practices from ClearPeaks Experts. Rafal
 Oracle Business Intelligence Blog Links to books, text and screenshots, kindle extract. 1531524 hits. Abhinav Agarwal
 Oracle E-Business Suite Technology The latest news directly from E-Business Suite Development.  Steven Chan
HDS Bloggers Data Centre Advisors – IT and Storage Advice from HDS.  Various

BIWA 2013

The next Oracle BIWA Summit, organized by the leading Oracle Special Interest Group (SIG) for Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing and Analytics professionals, will be held on Jan 9,10 2013, at The Oracle HQ Sofitel Hotel, in Redwood City, California, USA.

The Oracle BIWA Summit brings together Oracle ACE experts, customers who are currently using or planning to use Oracle BI, Warehousing and Analytics products and technologies, partners and Oracle Product Managers, Support Personnel and Development Managers.
Everything and everyone that you will need to be successful in your Oracle “BIWA” implementations will be at the Oracle BIWA Summit, Jan 9-10, 2013.
Having had a great trip last month I am not sure I can afford to fly over again to “San Fran”, but then again, can I afford not to go!


Blogs from the SIG are found here =>



On a British Airways flight today, to Italy as it happens, I noted in the Financial Times that Sony is scaling back its television production and focusing on other consumer areas such as touch screen production and games. Also in the news this week was the sacking by UBS of 10,000 staff and its withdrawal from Investment Banking.

Another article on page 16 of the Financial Times talked of falling profits at Marks and Spencer and strategic questions about super-market Sainsburys.
What these companies have in common is this; their approach to quality and to price. My British Airways flight is more expensive than Easyjet, my Sony TV was 100 quid more than the average and the food at M&S is way more expensive than the competition. Sainsburys have historically tried to position itself at the higher cost end but struggles with itself in that strategy. My FT paper was £3.00 but the Daily Mail was only £1.00.

The big questions for us as consumers is can we afford to pay more? And if so, is it worth paying more? On my flight, is my seat better than Easyjet?, is the free food worth having, is check in and boarding better? Can I afford the M&S sandwich for lunch? Is it better than Tesco?

These same questions need to be asked by companies buying Oracle Business Intelligence consulting services. You could buy your OBIEE implementation from a low cost provider, one that charges a lower daily rate, or you could buy a premium service from a specialist consultancy.
The choices in the UK are between a consulting firm or use of independent consultants (contractors we call them).
A cheap contractor will start around 300 per day rising to 1000 for the very best. A cheap outsource consultancy will start around 500 per day rising to 2000 for the most expensive.

So, does more expensive mean better quality? Generally I will say yes, but be very careful. Some consultancies ( I won’t name them but you will know who they are) charge higher rates because of their reputation and their successful sales force. However, the person that arrives is not necessarily a premium OBIEE consultant. I know of many instances where a consultant was being charged to the client at 1,500 per day but they had NEVER implemented OBIEE or OBIA before. Three consultants at a recent engagement could not even install OBIEE 10g, and yet were getting charged in at over 800 per day each!

The problem I have with inexperienced consultants is that they implement the system in a bad way, often leaving the customer disappointed. This has two obvious effects and one not so obvious:
If the client notices the poor implementation, either the client hates OBIEE/OBIA because it doesn’t do what they were promised, and funding is cut, or someone is brought in to rescue the project costing the client much more than budget.

The not-so-obvious effect is that the customer gets a poor product that runs slower than it should, or is not easy to upgrade. They may not be unhappy, but will also not be wowed by the fantastic system that saves them lots of money and enables better productivity. The net effect of a poor implementation is higher cost (rework/expensive upgrade/lost opportunities).

The effect of a great implementation is that the customer pays less, yes, it’s more up front but pays out less in the long run, And more importantly they will realise huge savings in their internal systems.

My guess is that the underlying cause of going for cheap is that the IT director is given a spend budget. If they were also charged with operational cost savings through the use of OBIEE they would certainly consider better quality consultants.

Of course the biggest challenge is to figure out if you are hiring a quality consultant.  Who can you trust?  The agent?  The salesman from the consultancy?  Is it possible to interview someone and assess their skills with internal resources?

It’s not easy, but there are things you can check.

1) Linked In – What is their background, how many OBIEE/OBIA projects, what was their ACTUAL role, and what recommendations are people getting.

2) Independent verification – Get other OBIEE experts to comment on the skills level.

3) Customer references – Ask the previous project managers and client for their view of the work done.

4) Blogs – Read their blog and see if they are original and technical enough for you.

(If you want a second opinion, please feel free to contact me)





PS.  Its Movember!


It gives me great pleasure to announce that the OBIEE 11g book is available to buy from today.

The book is directly aimed at newcomers to OBIEE, and given the rise in OBIEE sales there are lots of potential buyers!

Buy it from these stores:
OBIEE 11g Book on the Packt Publishing Website

OBIEE 11g Book on Amazon

OBIEE 11g Book
The process of writing a technical book was fairly straight forward, particularly when there was three of us involve, all of whom put in a great deal of personal time to the process. It’s not going to make us rich, but should help to get people started when they are new to OBIEE 11g.

We actually finished writing the book a couple of months ago, but it takes a while to go through review and technical publishing processes.

Drop me a line if you have any questions on the content.


RCU on MS SQL Server

One of the several per-install task for the rcu on a MS SQL Server database is to set the general database security to allow SQL Server Authentication as well and windows.